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Saturday, June 20, 2020

New Hornsby & Mercer, Suzi Kory, Alison Solo, Boston Manor and The Know added to our big mix

Bruce Hornsby & James Mercer: My Resolve

Bruce Hornsby's upcoming album, Non-Secure Connection, reportedly will include a number of collaborations, and on this first single, Hornsby shares the billing and the vocals with James Mercer, of The Shins and Broken Bells. Consequence of Sound says the track "recalls Hornsby’s pre-Grateful Dead days, when he combined rock with power pop hooks... It uses hand drums and richly-layered strings to add texture to a track that, otherwise, could have come across as too smooth." Hornsby calls the song “a Sisyphean tale of the creative life, sung with a fellow climber.” 

Suzi Kory: Love Revolution

Music was a first love but second career for Toronto-based Suzi Kory. While keeping her "day job" in the airline industry, she began performing and recording a few years ago, pursuing a dream that goes back to seeing her first concert (Guns n Roses) at age 13. "Despite popular belief that one should be ‘all-in’ when pursuing artistic endeavours, my advice is to maintain a steady source of income," Kory told FYI Music News. "The ability to fund my musical project allowed for complete creative control." Kory has released a string of singles, including country songs, rockers and blends of the two. She takes inspiration from the hippie ethos of the 1967 Summer of Love on this new song. 

Alison Solo: Chiron

Born in London, raised in Canada, Alison Solo returned to England for a year in 2018 and "rediscovered her British rock roots," according to her bio. She brings those influences to bear on her new album, Plutonian, recorded in both countries and mixed by Ron Nevison, whose credits include Led Zeppelin and The Who. 
Vancouver-based Solo describes her music as Classic Rock with undertones of blues and psychedelia. Our featured track references the wisest of the Centaurs in Greek mythology. Music blog Rock the Body Electric says it "displays all of Solo's style, climbing to 70's rock radio heights around wah-wah'ing guitar solos and a singalong-ready outro." 

Boston Manor: Plasticine Dreams

This punk-rock crew from Blackpool just released its third full-length, Glue. Many of its tracks are more hard-edged than this one - a reviewer at gclive.com describes it as "a more grunge-inspired sound, with frontman Henry Cox’s elegant yet somewhat laid-back vocal melodies drifting comfortably atop tight instrumentation." (The opening reverberating chord echoes "How Soon Is Now," but the resemblance is fleeting.) Cox says: “Plasticine Dreams is about the throwaway culture of media. How art is treated as ‘content’; one minute something is plastered everywhere you look and the next it’s faded into obscurity. ... We’re getting so much information constantly thrown at us that nothing is really absorbed or appreciated, you just click next when it’s finished.” 

The Know: 143

The Know is a Los Angeles dream-pop duo consisting of husband and wife Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. Their self-titled debut album has just arrived, although this single was pre-released a few months back. Clearly influenced by the likes of Beach House and Mazzy Star, they also cite influences ranging from '60s girl groups to The National. The title "143" refers to a shorthand for "I Love You" that was popular for couples messaging each other on pagers 'way back in the 1990s. "Lyrically, it’s set during the time period we first fell in love ourselves," the couple told Flood Magazine. "Back then, we spent a lot of time exploring LA by night and watching the sunrise. The song draws on events and hazy recollections from then."

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