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Saturday, May 9, 2020

New releases by Cassie Noble, Peter Serrado, Nick Lowe, Arkells and No Time for Reason

Cassie Noble: Move On, Grow

Ontario artist Cassie Noble is about to release her second EP, Madness, described as "a thoughtful collection of mixed metaphors and strong emotions," dealing with "how it feels to be utterly taken aback by the beautiful nature of chaos." Noble's debut EP, Find a Way, came out just last October and has been featured on The Birch Street Bistro. On this new track, her folk-rock, singer-guitarist sound is rounded out with ringing electric guitar, bass and subtle percussion.

Peter Serrado: Run

This Toronto native with Portuguese roots has just released his debut album, Sunset and a City. His bio says Serrado "gravitated to music at an early age, discovering a deep love of retro soul and funk, European crooners, Americana roots and R&B." He's developed a sound described as "soulful acoustic pop" that drew attention in a Eurovision TV competition and won him “Best New Artist” honors at the 2019 International Portuguese Music Awards. On this track, his raspy voice grounds the bright, easy-going guitar and keyboard accompaniment.

Nick Lowe: Don't Be Nice To Me

Another breezy mid-tempo rocker, this one with a retro sound, is this single from the upcoming album by veteran singer-songwriter-producer Nick Lowe. Lay It On Me is his third LP with Los Straitjackets, a Nashville-based combo that specializes in 60s-style instrumentals. The lyric is the lament of someone who just lost at love but doesn't want any sympathy. "When I find a rock big enough for me to crawl under / I'm gonna hang a sign outside to the world: Stay away."

Arkells: Years In The Making

Someday when stadium concerts are a thing again, songs like this will have crowds dancing and chanting together. Frontman Max Kerman says the track "is meant to encourage us to find ways to embrace the bumps in the road, because all of our challenges are ultimately there to help us work towards the dream – whatever that may be."

(By the way, we didn't plan to have three Ontario artists among this week's five picks for the New Music Bin; it just turned out that way.)

No Time for Reason: Supersonic Nightmare

Over to the UK now for a crank-it-up anthem from this Newcastle-based alt-rock quartet. This is the latest in a planned string of singles, a couple of which we've featured on The Detour. Frontman David Stoker says this song "describes how the younger generation are being affected by political decisions and media coverage. The whole song is very political, and tackles subjects that we haven't previously addressed as a band."

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