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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Indie artists fill our New Releases bin this week

Our New Music choices this week are all "indie" releases, and mostly from artists we're already featuring in our big mix.

We started playing Edgar Road's exhilarating "Kollide" in February. Now we're adding the soaring "Looking Glass," the title track of the recently released EP by this band from Elgin, Scotland.

Wyland also made its debut on our "airwaves" in February, with "Lights Go Dark." This New Jersey band celebrated the debut of its Snake Hill EP a few days ago, and we're now putting "The Answer" into our New Music rotation.

We introduced you to The Georgia Flood back in January, and you've heard us play "Whistle King" and "Tell Me What You Want." Now we're adding "Better Not Together," another track from the Atlanta band's debut album, People Like Ourselves.

The Brooklyn-based piano-violin duo Gracie and Rachel has been part of our mix for about a year. Their debut album is coming soon, and meantime we have one new song for you: "Someday," a reflection on the transitory nature of life and relationships.

And we're happy to add Allie Moss to our roster of indie artists. Also from New Jersey, but now based in Nashville, this singer/songwriter/guitarist (and frequent touring partner of Ingrid Michaelson) released her latest EP, The Other Side, in the fall -- so we're a little late, but we're catching up by adding the very catchy "Bet My Life" to our New Music bin.

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